The Wave

In 2022 Coyne & Associates proudly became one of the sponsors of and investors in The Wave.

Connecting people to purpose starts regularly showing people how their work matters by encouraging employers to help people tie their everyday tasks to a bigger purpose worth committing to. Given The Wave's mission and the growing "Blue Health" evidence, we felt this represented an ideal and very personal CSR partnership for us.

The Wave is the first inland-surfing destination of its kind, where people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities can experience the joy of surfing and its many physical and mental health benefits. Born out of a passion for technology, nature and human health, The Wave's mission is to bring unbelievable surfing experiences inland.

It's about sharing incredible experiences with anyone who wants to enjoy them, in a naturally, healthy space. That includes people who may often feel excluded by disability, age, gender, background, income, fears or pressures to conform. The Wave is a place where no-one is judged and everyone is equal and free to be themselves. 

As a business with purpose at its core, underpinned by values including sustainability and accessibility, The Wave can be force for good. Careful with its decision-making, challenging its thinking and always considering the balance and trade-offs to be made, The Wave ensures it doesn't make a loss in any of the three elements – profit, people or planet.