Our simple aim is to be true advisors during every stage of the search campaign and ensure it is focused around attraction and engagement of “high potential” senior leaders.  We operate a five pillar strategy for every mandate, however ensure a truly customised content approach.


Define Search Parameters

  • Gain an understanding of your organisation and role, highlighting possible roadblocks and challenges
  • Establish the role deliverables including functional outputs and metrics
  • Build an “ideal” candidate profile – background, qualifications, behaviours and competencies
  • Agree timetable and process for delivery of the campaign


Establish Search Model

  • Undertake targeted research into prospective target companies and sectors
  • Build a longlist of prospects most aligned to the opportunity and conduct preliminary discussions/validation/referencing across our network


Candidate Attraction

  • Define a shortlist of relevant profiles, drawing on candidate motivatiors and behaviours
  • Undertake extensive competency based interviews against the functional role profile coupled with alignment to your organisation's values and culture


Candidate Submission

  • Delivery of shortlisted candidates with supporting summary and analysis
  • Ensure those candidates not selected receive timely and practical feedback


Search Execution

  • Post interview process, we will direct negotiations between both parties, ensuring that during all stages of the process both parties are kept informed of any relevant developments, remuneration and reward levels are agreed and ensure the candidate is thoroughly counselled for resignation and potential counter offer
  • Managing the resignation process with the candidate’s existing employer
  • Ensure regular interaction between both parties during any notice period
  • Review of candidate progress post on-boarding, ensuring successful landing and integration into their new role