Candidates at the heart of our operating model

We attract high potential finance professionals with an appetite to impact and shape the companies they choose to join.  We truly believe every individual should have the opportunity to reach their full career potential and as such have put candidates at the heart of our operating model.


We invest a significant amount of time understanding your personal motivators and rationale behind your next career move through an in depth consultation with an industry expert.  Hence why we encourage a membership rather than registration model.


Whether you're looking to become an influential strategic business leader or alternatively have the desire to report on a company's financial operations and own the numbers, Coyne & Associates gives you access to a role that will move your career in the direction of travel you want it to go.  We will help you achieve the desired balance between personal growth, job satisfaction and excellent remuneration.


​Our technology platform allows you to build and manage a confidential resume which is entered onto our extensive database.  As you progress through your career journey, you can return to your unique password protected profile and update and maintain your information.