Transformation Associate Network (TAN®)

#Use our TAN to sort your TOM


Disruption is the new economic driver and growth is top priority for most c-suite audiences.  The economic and social impact of COVID-19 has demonstrated the need for all companies to have resilient and agile business models.  Strategies and operating models that have worked well for businesses previously can become outdated overnight in the current ever changing climate.  Today, disruption is happening across all industries and now more than ever, companies need to build themselves to be flexible, have an agile and resilient operating model, cloud-native technology and a mobile workforce to protect against shifts in market conditions and consumer behaviour.

CFOs and their senior teams are increasingly expected to advise business units on innovative approaches for creating value. They have tacked away from defensive strategies that helped them through the downturn and are being asked to use scenario planning and sophisticated analytics to measure and manage organisational performance, so they can better support complex decisions.

Transformation generally sits across these following five pillars:

  • People/Process
  • Customer Experience/Scope
  • Technology
  • Refinancing
  • Restructuring

Particular instances may trigger the need to review an organisation's performance - perhaps missed revenue, underwhelming top line growth, or simply performance gaps.  Whilst organisations often choose to direct specialist resource at key projects or business needs, these skills may not exist internally or simply there may not be capacity to do so.  Coyne & Associates has spent over 20 years building its TAN.  Often seen as a more cost-effective tool vs traditional consulting avenues, our TAN can provide full bottom-up assessments to deliver better results around EBITDA and cashflow across the business.  Key to our ongoing success in this space is to dedicate ourselves to continuously building and developing this network which can truly deliver transformational results.