The STAR interview is a common interviewing technique which with practice can really set you aside from the competition.  Essentially STAR interviews require you to give your answers in the form of a story.  Done well, your well structured story proves you have the experience to
fulfill the role.
Not only does this technique allow the interviewer to determine whether you have the functional skills needed, it also gives the interviewer an insight into and understanding of your approach.  It also allows the interviewer to determine fact from fiction.
This is the backstory—the who, what, where, and when. Set the scene, giving a context and background to the situation
What was your exact role in this situation? How were you able to turn this situation into an opportunity?
What steps did you take to tackle the challenge and navigate the roadblocks? Be sure to share a lot of detail here and remember to avoid any acronyms and institutional language.  What you’re trying to get across here is how you assessed and decided what was the appropriate response to the situation
What was the outcome and what did you learn?  Again be specific and detailed here, put context and numbers into your answers